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Quotes from the Guest Book:

St Louis, Missouri…a perfect way for us to escape the rush of things and fully appreciate each other.  I surprised her by proposing.  It was incredible.  She said yes and cried.  Thank you for the memories.

Elmwood, Illinois - A lovely, painstaking spirit lives here.  Thanks for the break in the harsh winter.

Lake Villa, Illinois - Our second stay here and certainly not our last.  Brought the hubby and kids for some needed R&R.  Love, love, love this place!  Thank you for everything.

College Station, Texas - If you didn’t like it here, you weren’t paying attention

Powder Springs, Georgia - The delicious baked goods were much enjoyed and appreciated.  The cottage is lovely and we felt very much at home. 

Los Angeles, California (from a couple who were married at the farm and stayed at the Guest House) - When we first came here, we knew right away that we loved this place.  When we met you, we were absolutely positive that this was where we wanted to be married.  Thank you so much for all your planning, help and patience.  Everything was amazing from the barn to the centerpieces and flowers.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.  Thank you for inviting us in, taking care of us and sharing this amazing wedding day.  We can’t wait to come back and see you both.

 Evanston, Illinois & London, UK - We’ve really enjoyed our time here catching up with our good friends that we don’t get to see often enough (Chicago to London is tough  to do in a weekend).  After a long evening of wine and conversation…we’ve spent the morning drinking coffee and relaxing.  Perfect!  Thank you for your hospitality, the use of your beautiful home and the generous supply of food.

Dorchester, Massachusetts - The guest house is awesome!

Homewood, Illinois - This place is terminally cute!  Loved the bread.

East Moline, Illinois - This has been a welcome respite form working overtime and worrying…I love the smell of the herbs and the wind blowing through the trees.

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin - We loved being able to sit around, share a meal, movie, conversation and some home-away-from-home family time.  Thank you.  We’ll be back.

Simi Valley, California - Home at last!  It’s where I belong.

Kearneysville,  West Virginia - I came as a guest and feel to be leaving as a neighbor!  Thanks, Jan and Rich for making this trip a joy!

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