To know Walnut Grove Farm is to love it. After all, it’s a special place: a place to learn, to share, to make memories. 

Each spring and summer, our farm hosts dozens of couples as they celebrate their love for each other in marriage.  Each fall, our farm welcomes hundreds of visitors to the Knox County Scenic Drive and Christmas at Walnut Grove Farm, where they can enjoy the work of local artisans, craftsmen, and musicians and get in the holiday spirit as a community. 

The main barn has become the iconic symbol of the farm. On its surface, it’s nothing more than a 150+ year old building, but the stories created and the place it holds in the hearts of many—hopefully including you—goes beyond a physical structure.

Although the heart of this barn is strong, the structure itself needs repair. We are asking for your help, to bring new life to the barn and new memories to those who love it, and those who have yet to visit this Midwestern prairie jewel.  The main bank barn has outlived its roof.  The structure was erected in the 1860s, and, over time, has needed a few roofs. The last was in 1987.  

Its old wooden roof will be replaced with Decra metal shakes to continue with the strong integrity of the previous construction, but give the roof a prolonged life to serve as a key protector of the National Register landmark. 

The roof is crucial to the life of the barn and is the main objective of our on-going restoration work on the farm.  We're asking all who love this barn to donate so you can personally say you helped "Raise the ROOF!" at Walnut Grove Farm.  

The roof repairs will cost about $70,000 to complete. We are trying to raise as much as possible before work begins, which is slated for July 18th. Fundraising efforts will continue until we have paid to "Raise the ROOF!"

It brings me much joy to see how the farm has touched your lives. I’ve raised my three sons here, hosted four of our family’s weddings, and we are invested in creating a welcoming place that remains a destination for you and your families for years to come.  

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Thank you all for your time, consideration and donations to make this a special place for everyone!

Jan King, Walnut Grove Farm  

PS - If you would prefer to donate a check directly to the farm, send a check made out to
Historic Walnut Grove Farm, 1455 Knox Station Road, Knoxville, IL 61448.